Shipping Policy

Delivery Guarantee

According to VipRxshop policy, you will receive the shipping confirmation as soon as your order is shipped. This notice will give you an estimate time of arrival of your package. If your order is not delivered within the time-frame or is lost you are advised to contact us by email at indicating your phone number and order details.

A Customer Support representative will get back to you to help determine the exact location of your package using the tracking number for the shipment. If the courier is unable to locate your shipment and give you an expected delivery date, you will receive the guaranteed compensation for this inconvenience. We will launch immediate investigation of the case and contact you or reship the order again with no additional charges, or refund your total purchase cost.

Notices You Will Receive

When you first place your order you will receive a confirmation, that your order was accepted into our system. The second notification is going to be the payment request, upon completing which you will get a payment confirmation mail as well.

If you do not receive these notices, it should be taken for granted that your order was not registered and therefor it cannot be processed and shipped.

Within 2 business days of your notice of payment confirmation, you will receive our shipping notice with the tracking number of your package, informing that your order has been shipped, and that you can expect delivery within 21 business days or less.

When to Expect Delivery?

The delivery time-frame depends on the shipping method of your choosing. With the shipping confirmation, you will receive the information about estimated time of arrival of your order.

How are the shipments made?

VipRxshop is located overseas and hence all shipments originate from there and are flown to their respective destination. Express shipment is employed to ship all orders. Express Mail Service (or EMS) means that the consignment is traceable and can be tracked.

It is possible to track the package, with the courier tracking number provided by the express shipment company until the order is delivered. The courier tracking number is provided by us once your parcel is shipped. This facility helps you follow up on the movement of your shipment, towards its final destination.

What do you do if delivery is late?

We provide each and every customer with the time-frame of the delivery of the order. If for any reason your order is not delivered within the given time-frame or it is unable to locate your shipment, you should notify us about this at the earliest.

If the package cannot be located, please see the first section of this page for information about our Delivery Guarantee.